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  1. Daisy Campbell on

    I cant just go out to walk because my mum will be confused becuase she
    thinks im skinny when i dont feel or look it and my dad will be so proud
    and i hate hate hate it when people get really proud of me for something
    because i feel like its so embarrassing and scary:'( i wish i could have
    the confidence :(

  2. Aoifes Journey on

    Im a boxer and its just the best way to get fit! Toning up & the muscles
    haha!! & you dont have to spar if u dont want to! The fitness alone is

  3. Do u like five seconds of summer u use their songs a lot I love five
    seconds of summer

  4. kevin peresich on

    pls do a home workout vid so i do not have to go to a gym because i have no
    workout equitment at my house

  5. thank you so much for making this, I’ve been debating whether to get back
    into working out and this really helped. thanks soo much :)

  6. cindy palencia on

    Knew it was gonna be a great video once i hear MMM YEAH by AUSTIN
    MAHONE!!! #mahomieforlife 

  7. I think this video is very motivational and inspiring I’d love to see a
    fitness routine as I am trying to keep one up myself it would be helpful
    To see some easy ways to plan and begin a happy healthy routine if you
    could thanks Ashleigh xx

  8. You just gained a new subscriber from putting an Austin Mahone song in your
    video <3

  9. well, you did inspired me… i do need to get a abs like yours…


  10. Clearly Rosie on

    IDKY You never reply but you are gorgeous and pls do a how to start a
    youtube channel video