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  1. I know this is a weird question, considering this is your diet and fitness
    video, but could you please do this makeup as a tutorial? I think it’s so
    soft and pretty!

  2. Amelia your s funny!! Watch this video with no sound .. Your hand he surges
    are adorable!! Thanks for the tips x

  3. U should do cooking videos regarding healthy breakfasts, lunch and
    dinner… What u actually consume on a day to day basis 

  4. Ingrid Missoni on

    I just subscribed to you yesterday and I love all your videos! This one and
    the period one are my favorites :)

  5. love this makeup look! would love to see a makeup tutorial for a brunch or
    like when ur attending a nice tea or graduation lunch (i have a few coming
    up). maybe something olivia palermo-esque?

  6. How long have you been doing this fitness routine? I joined a gym a few
    months ago and have been going a lot so this has really helped- Thank you

  7. hey Amelia thank you for the tips you actually got me motivated and I went
    for a run this morning!! xxx

  8. obviously it’s all personal preference, but white carbs are not bad! the
    difference you saw in a week wasn’t fat (that wouldn’t disappear in 1 week)
    it was probably bloating because of all the fibre. it’s really not
    necessary to cut out carbs and go on ‘high protein diets.’ Check out
    freeleethebananagirl or other high carb, low fat ladies to see their

  9. I have a hard time falling asleep if my stomach is grumbling at bedtime,
    it’s really uncomfortable!

  10. Elle Is For Living on

    Good video. Love it that you admit you are naturally a small person and
    yet realize that is different from being healthy. xoxo Elle

  11. LOVED THIS! I want to see more boob touching from you – must see you again
    soon, THOSE LEGS!! xxx

  12. Why is it when I eat even if its small I feel very tired, can not help it
    but I have to sleep after food any tips on that please? love your videos

  13. A highly requested new video! My diet & fitness routine + tips! :) Stay
    tuned till the end for a special note!xx

  14. i feel like refined and unrefined carbs give much more energy for my runs
    :) i dont eat a large amount but definitely for every meal!

  15. Cedrick Gipson on



  16. Laura Johnson on

    I watched Hungry for Change last night and it was sooo interesting. You
    should watch it if you haven’t already. xx

  17. Patricia Bright on

    New Video for you guys! 10LB WEIGHT LOSS & MY 8 DIET & FITNESS TIPS, hope
    you enjoy! :) xx

  18. miss amy bond on

    Also my goal is to loose weight but like prove every one wrong because I
    use to be quite big and I kind of still am so my goal is to get the perfect
    body and be SUPER healthy!

  19. Such good advice (especially the cheat day haha oh and NEVER ever give up
    chocolate). I’m on Day 12 of my own fitness challenge which involves HIIT
    and yoga and of course healthier food. How did it go for you in 5 months?

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    Blast Furnace so you can get started

  21. potatochips324 on

    I’m trying to lose 5-10 lbs within 14-30 days! It’s so tough, I love
    unhealthy eating but like to exercise

  22. I am 5ft4 and 10stone4. You weigh now what i am trying to weigh….guess i
    might to still want to keep going when i get there :( x

  23. Erika McMillan on

    thank Patricia so inspirational x really set on making life changes rather
    than quick fix diets

  24. Jakob Henriksen on

    You are so beautilful and you look strong :-).
    Please flex your arm muscles in the next video?

  25. So nice that someone else is promoting health and fitness and not just
    weight loss! Body confidence is key! Love the video :)

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    take advantage of it. Just Google Skinnimaker System to unlock your full
    weight loss potential.