The Best TI-84 Graphing Calculator Alternatives


Even though calculators at times seem like a relic of the past, there are a few that have stood the test of time. One popular calculator that’s indispensable for many advanced math and science students is the TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator. So what makes this calculator stand out from the rest? Designed by Texas Instruments, the calculator comes with advanced features that you cannot find in other calculators in the market. The best thing about TI 84 calculator is that has an advanced memory system and a good CPU speed that is 2.5 times faster than other calculators.

Alternatives to the TI-84 Graphing Calculator

Unfortunately, the TI-84’s power and capabilities come at a cost. It sells for nearly $100 at Fortunately, there are several alternatives available at retail and online.

HP 50g Graphing Calculator

Costing roughly the same as the TI-84, this model from Hewlett-Packard has an effective SD card slot which permits you to format your calculator and grow your memory. It also has a massive 2.5Mb of total memory, 512 kb RAM, and two MB flash ROM for foreseeable future upgrades.

It features a larger equation library from earlier models and 2300+ built-in functions, making it ideal for both professionals and students.

HP 50g Graphing Calculator

Texas Devices TI-89 Titanium Graphing Calculator

This one handles calculus, algebra, matrices, and statistical capabilities. It has 188 KB RAM and 2.7 MB flash memory for velocity. It has plenty of storage for features, programs, and knowledge.

The Ti 89 Titanium is one of the best calculators you can get on the market today. The best thing about the calculator is the fact that it lets you upgrade to some of the future software that is being brought in the market without investing in a new calculator. The calculator has a RAM of 188 KB and a memory flash of 2.7 MB which is sufficient for storing any programs and functions that you might need. With the calculator, you can also decide to use the default menu or create your own menu. Other than that, it has a program editor feature that will allow you to customize your applications.

TI-89 Titanium Graphing Calculator

The Ti 89 Titanium calculator has an adjustable screen that you can use in almost any lighting condition. It also comes with an output/input port and cable that will allow you to connect it with a USB cable. You will have to agree that the Ti 89 Titanium is the best calculator because it also has an attached hardcover that can slide which helps to protect the calculator from getting knocked around especially when it is in a backpack.

Casio FX-9860G Slim Graphing Calculator

This calculator has a RAM 64KB and a flash ROM of one.5MB. Its monitor measurement is 64 x 128 pixels, and it has an interface icon menu.

Casio FX 9860 Graphing Calculator


Why You Might Need a Graphing Calculator

Graphing Calculators have assisted professional engineers and experts considering that their creation. By the mid 80’s calculators had changed abacuses in the pockets of professionals, providing transportable and straightforward computation and manipulation of information.

Several college students do not realize how useful a calculator is in math classes. Graphing calculators are advised for math classes from pre-algebra onward, and higher education applications involving physics, calculus or data frequently need a graphing calculator. Effective large faculties are giving class sets or requiring college students to obtain an excellent quality calculator so that college students can familiarize themselves with the tool. Pupils can use the simple computation and manipulation of a quality calculator for the duration of their Act, or AP placement tests to enhance their calculus abilities.
Graphing calculators are similar to a notebook personal computer in a lot of elements but are significantly lighter and significantly less high-priced.

Calculators with graphing capability hold many sorts of information in the onboard memory, which includes collected statistics, game titles, notes, and mathematical capabilities. Producers offer you cost-free software that can be utilized on the calculators they make, from games packages to superior tools that boost calculus capabilities.
Calculators are equipped with a greater screen than a common calculator that end users to see a visual illustration of the work, and they exhibit charts and graphs of information that users can very easily manipulate. Calculator data can be saved to other graphing calculators or enter into pc applications. Calculators execute intricate mathematical functions that normal laptops don’t without having added application.

Great calculators are a priceless tool for today’s pupils since they offer you straightforward computation and manipulation of data, a considerably wider variety of features than common calculators, and are considerably less expensive than a notebook. End users can determine their formulas and inputs that improve the calculator with increased calculus capabilities, making them a needed device for college-bound pupils.

Online and App Alternatives to the TI-84

There are also some alternatives to the TI-84 available online and via mobile apps. These TI-84 emulators offer much of the same capabilities and functionality as an actual TI-84 graphing calculator, but for free. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Wabbitemu (Android)

Wabbitemu creates a Texas Instruments graphing calculator right on your Android device. Wabbitemu supports the TI-73, TI-81, TI-82, TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-83 Plus Silver Edition, TI-84 Plus, TI-84 Plus Silver Edition, TI-85, and TI-86. Fast and convenient, Wabbitemu allows you to always have your trusty calculator with you. The calculator it creates will act exactly like the real thing, but on the same mobile device that you carry with you everywhere.

Meta-Calculator (Web)

The Meta Calculator is actually a series of free calculators on the Web. The graphing calculator covers most of the features and functionality of the TI-84, but works for free from just about any Web browser. There’s also a Scientific Calculator, a Matrix Calculator, and a Statistics Calculator available on the site.


GeoGebra Graphing Calculator

The GeoGebra Graphing Calculator is a free online graphing calculator that is also available for download on a number of different platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.


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