Hula Hooping for Exercise



The hula hoop isn’t just a children’s toy anymore. If used right, it can be a fun tool to tone your entire body and trim your tummy.

Quick Tips for a Hula Hoop workout:

Maintaining your pelvis tucked, shoulders squared, and torso removed, fold your knees somewhat and present the ring a good counterclockwise spin around your waist, making sure it’s stage.

To maintain the hoop transferring, change your weight rapidly between your top and back thighs, moving your hips backward (A) and forward (N).

Side Position

Give the ring a great spin, and stone your sides from sideways so the hoop visits to the attributes of your stomach.


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  1. kpopLegend 0624 on

    I really love hooping!! When i was 8, i used to hoop everyday with my
    playmates and i think that makes my waist never goes out from 23-25 as i
    grew up (i swear i’m skinny but my lower body part like my bum to my legs
    are huge T_T).. Idk if that was the real effect but i assumed it was! Now
    my waist is 26 and start hooping again after 12 years to maintain it at
    24!! Wooah and i’m so addictive into it again :)

  2. Its Vry nic video.. vry informtv also… i just started hula hoop.. bt the
    things is that my ring alws fall dowun.. 🙁 wil u gv u me sm tips n al…

  3. selenia cuesta on

    are these weighted hoops? i bought a 2lb hoop and just can’t get it going
    :/ i need MORE practice!

  4. are these fitness hula hoops like ones with weight inside or just regular
    hula hoops? omg I can’t wait to get serious about this because its an
    activity in gym at my school but its only for like a minute :/

  5. OMG!! I didn’t know there is a fitness centre for hula hooping.. I lost my
    weight using hula hooping and I thought, I was the only person who hula
    hoop to lose weight… great to know that it is a great method to lose and
    shape your body.. 

  6. We love it too Donna! It’s so much fun. I went home with a hoop right after
    we shot this. Can’t get enough of it. Good point about the heavier,
    weighted hoop too!

  7. Omg I started hooping in April .. I love it.. So much fun I took it
    Saturday at a local college.. Tip don’t bother getting a child’s hola hoop.
    You need a bigger weighted hoop the bigger the easier it is.. It is very
    normal to get black and blue your waist your hands. It’s Normal most of us
    did.. You really can be creative, a lot of hoppers on utube .. So much fun.
    I don’t have room inside so I do it in back yard, but it’s getting cold I’m
    going to have to rethink my hooping time… You w

  8. Sharon Hardee Jimenez on

    The hula hoop is back! I once won a hoopla hoop contest whenI was 16 and
    the hoops cost under one dollar!

  9. Ab Workouts & Tips to Get Six Pack Abs & Flat Stomach on

    I’ve got one somewhere. After watching this video I became curious, I’ll
    give it a try. I like trying out new exercises all the time.