Here’s a Quick Way to Count Calories with Apps


Smartphones are increasingly growing popular throughout the world, and we’re now using them to even keep our weight in check. These powerful handheld devices can help you to compute the nutritional value of your favorite foods and to track it over time. While workouts are effective in weight loss, you should focus on cutting calories. There are simple and easy to use apps that can help you count calories. These apps allow to track your calories from anywhere whether you are on the go or just sitting as you wait for your food order.

They are easy to use. Some just require you to snap a photo or a scan a bar code and they will give you the results.

Want to lose weight now? Well, here are the top calorie counter apps.

Lose It! (Free)

Lose It!

Lose It! helps you track calories based on the foods you eat.

With a simple look and feel, this app allow you to easily and quickly enter the calories you have consumed. Unlike many software programs that are filled with irritating ads for paid upgrades, this app is a great change from many of its competitors. To use Lose It!, simply punch in your weight-loss goal and it will calculate your daily calorie budget. If desired, this app can even share progress with your friends via Twitter, Facebook or email. If you find the food database a bit limited, then you can add custom meals.

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MyFitnessPal (Free)

This is a powerful and versatile app with the largest food listing of over 750,000 entries. It’s also very comprehensive and has a bar code reader. To use MyFitnessPal, simply scan the bar code on the bag of fruits and it will return the nutrition data. This program also enable you to share the progress with your friends as well as add multiple foods to your journal at once.

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FatSecret (Free)

This comprehensive calorie counter also comes with nutrition tips. It has simple menus which allows easy navigation and a calendar which offers a better look at progress, such as a red or green arrow for bad days and good ones.

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Meal Snap (USD 3)

This app can bring a “wow” factor to your office lunch table. Simply take a photo of your meal, and it will estimate the calories. This may not be the perfect option for someone who is following a strict diet, but if you are curious to know the number of calories in your takeout or treat, Meal Snap could do.

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Fooducate (Free)

This is a slick, iPhone-only app that promotes overall healthy eating. If you scan a bar code on packaged food, it will bring up a health grade letter (for example, a fresh fruit will get an “A,” while Twinkies a “D”). You may also get numerous facts and warnings. The Fooducate also suggests healthier alternatives.

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