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During the summer season last year I didn’t have so much plans of hiking or going on a vacation trip but when my friend john asked me to go for golfing in Arizona, i was very hesitant to say yes since i had never played golf in my life. I always felt golfing as a hard sport that required special talent to play and despite this feeling, I thought it could be nice of me to try my luck since i only watched golf players on Television commercials. My friend john was quite familiar with golfing since his father spent most of his leisure time playing golf in some courses in Utah and most of the times john had always accompanied his father to spent some fun moments with his Dad.

My friend John had always been fascinated by golfing since he grew up in the house-hood of his golfing hiking dad and with that upkeep life he felt it would be nice if we spent time together on some golf courses in Arizona. Since from 4th grade i had known john for a long time, we lived in the same neighborhood and we did all crazy staffs when growing up together. When i was refreshing our lives back in the days i thought it was nice for me to join him on a golfing vacation in Arizona and since we all had well paying jobs money for the vacation was not a problem.

After Wednesday night we bought air tickets for traveling to Arizona and also made some early online booking for lodging services at Holiday Inn hotel in Phoenix area. On the following day we packed packed our staff and left Salt lake City International airport at 12.30 pm and within one hour we had already got to our destination. I felt quite exited when we arrived at Holiday Inn hotel, I could see the beautiful green fields of the Golfland Sunsplash and Fiesta Lakes Golf course which were half a mile from the hotel location. With all the time in the world we decided to take a walk on the Fiesta Lakes Golf course and to my expectations, I never thought it could be such a great time.

John had already carried all his golfing equipment and for the first time i decided to give it a trial. I placed the golf to the golf holder and at a distance of 350 yards from the hole, I gave out my first kick. It was an astonishment to see how close i got near the hole, John shouted to me, “You are a genius man, did you see what you just did?”, I couldn’t believe it and with my second kick i finally made my first score. I felt so exited after making my first score in golfing, we spent more time playing golf that evening since it became so addictive to me. As time passed by i felt so great for making the decision to go golfing in Arizona.


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