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Surfing the Internet is a very common activity of our daily life. Very often, you visit a site for online shopping; ordering food or you explore the net just for time pass. But have you ever thought that you are actually risking your personal information on these sites and are under the risk of cyber-attack? Anonymous web browsing is the solution to escape from this problem.

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What is Anonymous Browsing?

Anonymous web browsing allows the user to browse the net and visit any website without letting anyone gather any personal or original information about the user from the site he visited. To frame this in simpler words, anonymous browsing is surfing the internet in a private mode where no one can get any access to your real identification.

Anonymous web browsing has gained popularity because of two main reasons: -protecting the privacy of the user and allowing the users to visit any website that they want by eliminating the blocking.

Why is Anonymous Browsing Important?

The anonymous way of surfing the web has become a must in today’s scenario for ensuring complete online privacy and security. Many people who are concern about protecting their sensitive and personal information from the sites and online agencies are making the use of anonymous browsing.

Other than this, here are some of the reasons that make this private browsing activity essential and helpful:

Complete Privacy: The anonymous browsing allows the users to get a complete private browsing session. This technology replaces the original IP with any random foreign IP which makes it difficult to track the sites visited by the users.

Security from Hackers: Browsing the internet in the private mode helps the users to stay protected against all types of hackers. The hackers trying to get an access to your original IP will never be able to get it because of the foreign IP used for browsing and therefore, the hackers will never be sure that they are attacking their right target.

Cut Down on Unwanted Advertisements: Whenever you visit a site, the advertisement agencies and people stores your preferences and likings and then they hit you with a heavy number of advertisements. You can limit and cut down all these unwanted advertisements with a private surfing method.

Protection from Cyber-Bullies: You can protect yourself from the DDoS attacks from the cyber bullies. The bullies usually attack their target when they are able to access their real name, IP address and other related information but with surfing the net anonymously you will never be online over the net with any of your real and sensitive information which will make it difficult for the bullies to attack you.

Post Whatever you Want: Some people see this as an advantage while for some it is a disadvantage. By being an anonymous user you can actually speak and post anything that comes to your mind. You can spread awareness about any sensitive issue without the need to reveal your original name and identity or you can target any social cause over the internet with your hidden identity.

Tools or Apps for Anonymous Web Browsing

After you have convinced yourself to hit the Internet as an anonymous user post reading the various benefits and advantages that it brings along, you must be aware of the best resources for anonymous browsing. Let’s explore some of our favorites:


Tor Web Browser

Tor is the most popular and preferred tool that is used for anonymous browsing. Tor is protecting the privacy of all the users that are using Windows, Linux, Apple MAC, etc. by making it difficult to track the activities of the users. It gives the users the freedom to visit any website, to post anything, and to send any instant message. Along with providing so many benefits, the only area where it lacks is that it reduces the internet speed.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is available for Windows, MAC, Android, iOS, etc. creates a virtual private network and connects users to it for providing them a secure internet connection along with unblocking the various sites that they cannot access normally.



This tool allows the users to bypass the blocked contents in most of the countries. It hides the original IP of the users, thereby eliminating the possibility to track the user from the sites visited. It can be used for Windows, Android, iOS, MAC, etc.


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