Adriana Lima’s Top 10 Fitness Tips


The reigning Queen of Victoria’s Secret divulges some sound fitness advice in the form of her top 10 tips. She’s talking about preparation for a fashion shoot, which isn’t necessarily the goal for us mere mortals, but the thought behind many of her fitness tips (preparation, dedication, etc.) ring true no matter what your fitness level might be.



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  1. Alex Hammer Buitrago do Silva on

    So basics advises but … who cares is Adriana Lima man us incredible how
    beautiful she is

  2. She’s perfect – not just her gorgeous looks – I just love her bubbly happy
    personality, she’s always so nice and in such a good mood.

  3. I like that she is honest about it…not going: oh this is all natural, I
    eat whatever I want and don’t workout at all…nice :)

  4. Please comment and let us know what you think and how we can make this show
    even better!

  5. Constructive criticism. The ideas are funny, I liked them, but it just
    feels like you try too hard, like, to a ridiculous degree. The faces, the
    voices, it’s just too exagerated and that makes it not funny. Check out
    Brosciencelife, by far the funniest gym channel ever. Obvioulsy you want
    your own style, but this is is pretty bad :/

  6. Dude. this video just poped up as an add on a camera review… and before I
    could skip it, the guy says scrotum while t baging some one… i hope you
    lose subs over this