3 Simple Workouts for Beginners to Lose Weight


Sometimes people want to start an exercise program so that they can lose the weight that they have gained over the years. In many cases, people may not know how much weight they have gained until they look back at high school and college photos that were taken with both friends and family members. Getting started with a exercise program normally involves a diversity of things including identifying a solid workout for beginners. Fortunately, there is a huge amount of information online that can assist an individual with choosing the best workout routines that will cater to a novice’s needs. Listed below are 3 workouts for beginners to incorporate into their daily lives, courtesy of our friends at MarsFitness.com.

Swimming and Cardio Workouts

When getting started with any new workout plan, it is important to know what the different routines will help an individual to achieve. Since there are different programs that have been designed for specific purposes, people can follow a program that will be custom to their needs. As in most cases, a beginner usually needs a workout program that will focus on cardio. One simple exercise that can help with getting all of the cardio related activities needed is swimming. As swimming is an aerobic exercise that elevates the heart rate, beginners can easily incorporate it and have a lot of fun while doing it. Therefore, when choosing a gym to join, beginners can look for places that have indoor and outdoor pools available for their members.

Basic Squats and Strength Training

Since diversity is one of the keys to doing a comprehensive exercise program, it is important for a beginner to perform different types of exercises that will focus on specific areas of the body. One of the favorites that many new beginners have used over time are the basic squats. When an individual is performing basic squats, they are working on firming up their butt and their legs. These exercises are also easy and simple to do, specifically for those who are starting off on new program. People who do these exercises can also add weights as they do them. However, for beginners the weights can be added in gradually by starting off with the lowest weight that range from a pound and then higher.

Muscle Building and Upright Rolls with Bar bells

Since muscle weighs less than fat, one of the keys to dropping the extra pounds is to build up the muscles in different parts of the body. As different types of routines works on different sections of the body, people who want to build muscle in their arms can perform the upright rolls with bar bells.

Starting a workout program does not have to be a difficult undertaking, especially because there is so much information online that can assist beginners with their goals and objectives. Even the exercises that a beginner is tasked with doing can be simple, people can still lose substantial amounts of weight in a short amount of time. This is why most professional trainers may recommend a diverse plan that includes swimming for cardio, basic squats for strength training and overall fitness.


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